“Soul” and the Pixar Face

Do you know the “DreamWorks’ face”?
It’s this face: (Yes, I know “Cars” is a Pixar.)

Mostly about the art of Animation.

I’ll start with two articles on “Spider-Man — To the Spider-verse.” A movie that the more I watch it, the happier I am that it has ever come to life. Within a decade of superheroes, we have gained a rare pearl, a unique, experimental…

#FreeMickey 2028


Of mouse and man, character and brand

What bonds? Well, Disney’s constant concern that the copyrights for Mickey will be lost and he will become…

MIRRORS — A graduation film by Yali Herbet & Lee Dror.
A father and daughter’s relationship along the years as portrayed through the family’s car.

5 Notes on “The Jungle Book”

I can’t let go of this film. When I hear Baloo singing I cannot sit still. It’s my personal “Shave and a haircut” tune. …

The sorcerer’s apprentice

By Yoni Salmon. On animation and more. https://shulyathakosem.blogspot.co.il

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